Streets of Wellington

It’s been two weeks to the day since I arrived here. Everyone has kept telling me not to trust the sunny weather I enjoyed so far. Today has turned out to be nice again but the last two or three days gave me a glance on what to expect from the upcoming winter here on the southern half of the globe.

My original plan for this upcoming weekend was to go to the New Zealand juggling festival. I was really looking forward to that but as it turns out the festival site is an 8+ hours ride away from Wellington. All night bus seats were sold old so it didn’t really make sense to go there for such a short amount of time. Instead I am planning to do something cool around Wellington. João and I are trying to think of something – we’ll see. Oh yes, I finally made it to the local Juggling meeting in town, though. Great and nice people, I will definately spend some time there each weak!

And there are more good news: I have finally found a flat in the town’s center. Two weeks from now I will move in there together with João and Rachel, the people you got to know in last week’s video.

But now for todays photos: Impressions of the streets and people in Wellington. I really like it here! The multicultural and individual touch you can see everywhere. Wooden houses that can resist the vibrations of the occasional earthquake better than buildings made of stone – and besides that, they look a lot more interesting than what I am used to in Germany. But see for yourself.