My AIESEC experience

After New Zealand #3 and New Zealand #4, I am now breaking out of the naming scheme for videos. And I am doing this for a reason, as this video was not primarily created for this blog, but more as a message to my local AIESEC committee back in Germany. Actually, I created it so they might show it to students in Hamburg being interested in joining this great student organization.

See it as propaganda promotional material or something similar, it still is my personal experience, so I thought you might be interested in watching it. Also, I finally included some landscape shots of this beautiful country – that I still have to discover a lot more. And after some more or less random videos in the last few weeks this is the first one with me being sober in each clip.

On a different note, I am really excited at the moment because 4 hours from now I’ll be sitting in Wellington’s cinema, waiting for the midnight screening of “The Avengers” (12:01 am to be exact). If you don’t count the premiere US screening, I am pretty sure this is the first official chance to watch that movie worldwide in the entire universe. Finally, something good about the 10 hours time difference compared to Germany. Bitches!