Somes Island

This has been quite an exciting weekend. As I work during the week it is hard to really go somewhere for longer than just 2 days. That is why I wanted to do something really cool in Wellington this weekend. We have been blessed with good weather these past two days so it was a blast to really go out and experience something.

On Saturday, João, Josh, Lisa and me did a great trip to Somes Island – or Matiu, as the Maori call it. This is an island in the middle of Wellington’s harbor that can be visited by ferry. As it is a nature reserve for animals you are searched for potential pests on arrival. A ranger gives you a short introduction to the island’s history – it has served as a quarantine station for human or animal infections in the past 150-ish years and was one of the places to have heavy anti aircraft guns during WWII. Also, there’s this amazing lighthouse that’s still in use.

Now being a scientific and nature reserve instead of hosting military and medical security facilities, Somes Island is quite the place for a quiet day trip. I enjoyed the peace without the city’s noise and was lucky to spot some interesting animals – although missing out on the penguins that only return at night.

But that’s just the Saturday – on Sunday we went on this awesome… oh wait, I’ll tell you about that next time.