Abel Tasman National Park

Despite the fact of spending half our time on busses and boats, the weekend trip to the South Island was very rewarding, especially when we finally got to Abel Tasman National Park, located at the South Island’s north end. Golden beaches, dreamy green water and a bright blue sky made for an awesome day – and a glimpse on how incredible this place must be in summer.

The guide on our taxi boat had a touching sense of dry humor (“you might think this is worth taking photos of, but believe me, after 7 years in this job I can tell you that it’s not”) and introcuded himself by answering the three most boring questions he is asked every day.

How deep is the water? About 2 meters. Is the weather always like this? No, it can be even calmer but it can get a hell lot rougher, I’m telling ya. Are these mountains over there the North Island? No, those are the northernmost parts of the Marlborough Sounds.

That being said, he showed us around this beautiful workplace of his and dropped us off at one of the beaches from where we made our way back to the afternoon pick-up spot. What a great day, what a great country, what a great experience!