Sunday morning

I got up early this morning, grabbed my camera and went to the waterfront to watch and film the sunrise. While my camera was shooting the 593 frames for a timelapse clip, I had time to chat with some people that got up as early as I did. First I met a French engineering student who had a diabolo at his backpack – the first I’ve seen in New Zealand so far. We had a little chat and exchanged experience about travelling in New Zealand.

Just next to me someone was using his camera as well so we started talking. Turns out he is a mechatronics student from Hannover, so almost a neighbor from back home in Germany. His travelling will take him to Australia, Japan and Asia if I recall that correctly. We went to the veggie market together and exchanged our blog details.

Also I’ve taken my first steps in Street Photography. It has always seemed appealing to me and Wellington seems to be the perfect place to do so.

What a great day and it’s not even afternoon yet. Maybe I should get up that early more often.