A very special costume party

Make sure to check out yesterday’s video from Wellington as well.

People who follow me on twitter have already seen that yesterday has probably been the most exciting day of my whole stay in New Zealand. I went to the Hobbit costume party (organized by theonering.net and Red Carpet Tours), just hoping to have a good night. Without any previous announcement, suddenly Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood and a lot more from the cast and crew joined us and took their time to make this an amazing experience for everyone who was there.

Besides taking these pictures that will remind me of this day I had a very good time meeting a whole lot of people in amazing costumes (just check out the barrel!) and talking to some people from Weta workshop and Wingnut Films to hear some of the background stories.

Another fun part was walking back home chatting with a guy who turns out to be Sadwyn Brophy. Good fun.

But the highlight for me has definitely been the possibility to just say “thank you” to Peter Jackson in person.

Watch on youtube.