Things that happened

So in February you return from an amazing year abroad, go to bed a few times, do things like university, go to work and meet friends. One day you wake up and it’s September already. Oops! So let’s have a quick look back.

First of all I’m back at university. Having finished my first degree before going to New Zealand I am now doing my Master studies in Computer Science back in Hamburg. But since coming back wasn’t supposed to be going back in all manners I decided I needed some change in my life. So just a few weeks ago I’ve moved to my very own apartment and I’m already feeling very much at home here. Still, I haven’t had a good idea for a foursquare location. Anyone?


If anyone remembers, one of my goals in the beginning of the year was to travel more. Therefore, I took the chance to go to France just after my exams. First stop was Toulouse where I’ve visited the European Juggling Convention, the biggest juggling festival in the world which took about a week and was simply amazing. Next up was Bordeaux, a beautiful city where I could stay at Jérémy’s place who I’ve met back in New Zealand. The crazy nights there were followed by even crazier nights in Paris where I’ve stayed at a Hostel – one of the best places to meet new people. I hope I can meet some of them again when I go to England in early October.


And finally I’ve returned to doing more photography, in particular in my favourite place, the circus. Just 2 weeks ago I had the chance to go to the SOLyCIRCO festival (was just as good as 2 years ago).


So now that the dust has been wiped of this blog, some of the stuff that has been lined up for a while can follow.