Let’s write again

I’ve done it last year and I intend to do so this November: Sit down and write a novel of 50,000 words. I’ve already got a few friends on board doing the same so we can motivate each other. If you haven’t heard of it but are keen to write as well – just join NaNoWriMo.

Looking back, last year’s situation with me working full-time and writing the novel on the side was actually better than expected. Of course I had long days, but at least my life was following a regular schedule. At the moment, with university, work and AIESEC filling up pretty much 7 days of my week, it will be tough to find 2 hours a day to write. So if I escape my obligations a bit more often these next 30 days – bear with me.

Sadly, last year’s work is still not in a state to be shown around. That is why now, I’ll start fresh with another story. Let’s see where it takes me.