Lucid Dreams


I look up. In the distant height above me I see the stone pillars disappear in darkness. Closer down to where I stand I can make out markings all around the columns, ancient runes covered in ferns and moss. In front of me, a path is leading straight towards a throne, a huge throne carved out of a single piece of giant rock. I decide I must be both standing in an abandoned dwarven kingdom and also in the middle of a pretty decent dream.

Just yesterday, we were talking about lucid dreams and how to manage having one. We discussed a few techniques but apparently, just having this discussion in my subconscious was enough to be aware of my dream state last night. And so I tried making up something else.

Short of ideas, I think of the first thing that comes to mind: home. And surely enough, the grey-green stone pillars around me fade and shrink, giving way to the white walls that mean the comfort of my own bedroom. Suddenly, I fall and realise I’m in my bed, neatly tucked into the blankets. “Oh shit, I woke up”, is the first thing I think. And so I tell the group of strangers that is sitting in a weird circle around me. Not weird enough to make me notice I am in fact still dreaming.

Rule number 1 for lucid dreaming: Always make up stuff too absurd to be true or you fall victim to the illusion of reality.