Another list of goals

One year ago, I was still living in New Zealand and I had my fair share of plans for the upcoming 12 months. Those months have passed so I’ll do a quick review of what I’ve actually achieved.

Travel more: Visit 3 countries I haven’t been to before.

Done. I went to Australia, Dubai and England.

Learn more: Start learning Spanish to the point where I’m able to have a casual pub conversation. Pick up my French from school and improve it so I’ll be able to have a fluent conversation and watch a French movie without subtitles.

Kind of done. I travelled France in summer and I’ve started the Spanish course on duolingo. My French has improved, yet I can’t say a thing in Spanish.

Read more: Finish at least 2 books a month.

Done. I’ve read 24 books with 6237 pages in 2013.

Start something: Have a software project of my own or with friends put the first euro into my account.

Failed. And this really bugs me! How can I not get anything done with regards to such projects? I am involved in amazing projects over at YOOtheme (uikit and Pagekit), yet I fail to put any of my own projects out there. This really needs to change. For real.

And now here we are. At the beginning of yet another year, full of opportunities, obligations, dreams and challenges. And again I want to put a few goals down just to track and steer myself.

Travel. Visit 3 places I haven’t been to before. This includes cities in Germany and abroad that I haven’t had the chance to fully experience. Why limit it to “new countries” when amazing places can be somewhere around or in countries I’ve just driven through before? Experience trumps numbers.

Read. I’ve managed to read 24 books last year with a bit of a sprint in the end. I want to keep on reading because I love it, not to hunt numbers. My goal will be at least 12 books for the whole year and there already are a few 600-page-publications waiting.

Play music. I can’t play an instrument and I want to change this. I have started playing the guitar two weeks ago (and a small Ukulele has found its way into my possession). At the end of the year I will be able to play at least 3 complete songs.

Create. Again, because I’ve failed last year: Have a software project of my own or with friends put the first euro into my account.

Alright, let’s go.