Dynamic DNS with iwantmyname

Just some notes for myself, in case I do that again.

Setting the scene: I have finally ordered a Raspberry Pi for christmas and have been playing around with that for a bit. Some of the services should be accessed from the web. First attempt was using one of the predefined dyndns services online, but this morning I had the idea to try with one of the domains I already own anyway.

My setup

Domains are registered at iwantmyname.com (my favourite domain registrar with a likeable team from New Zealand). My router is a FritzBox that allows manual entry of dynamic DNS services. Most routers will work just as well.

Router settings

First, login to your router. When using a fritzbox, you need to enable the advanced view. In the German interface, click on “Ansicht: Standard” at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to Internet > Freigaben > Dynamic DNS.


Field Explanation
Update URL https://iwantmyname.com/basicauth/ddns?hostname=<domain>&ip=<ipaddr>
Domainname example.com Your registered domain name
Benutzername yourlogin@example.com The login used for iwantmyname. This should be an email address
Kennwort Your password for iwantmyname.

Depending what services you are running locally, do not forget to enable port forwarding in your router.

Domain settings

I don’t know if API or manual settings have higher preference, but for my domain, I have removed all manual DNS entries in the web interface.