Mignon Senior Circus

I know, the blog hasn’t been telling much about the fact that I’m actually still taking photos. So in order to change that, I want to share the most recent ones.

Circus Mignon in Hamburg is popular for giving kids of all ages the chance to experience the wonderful world of circus. They’ll learn what it means to practice towards a goal, what it means to fail and how you can work together in a group.

As it turns out, age isn’t actually something that keeps people from wanting to experience the same. Which is why Circus Mignon has opened a new age group for active seniors of 60 and above. I think 60 was the limit but don’t quote me on that.

Just two weeks ago this active group of some twenty odd people filled the chapiteaux of Circus Mignon in Hamburg and performed their show titled “Backstage”. I had the chance to be there as well and to capture some moments of pure energy, joy and – as cliché as it may sound – a celebration of life.