Four people, seven days, one car — the road trip we’ve done through Scotland last month was every bit as amazing as one would hope it’d be. Edinburgh, Fort William, the Isle of Skye: It just became more and more beautiful the further up north we went. In many places, I had flashbacks to my time in New Zealand. What a pretty world it is we live in — a world full of experiences waiting for the keen traveler.

Some of the things we’ve experienced, I have listed below. Try some of it if you make to it Scotland yourself. More photos and the detailed route are available on Pablo’s blog.

  1. Eat haggis. Then read what’s in it.
  2. Visit the Isle of Skye.
  3. Drink a sip of water from a mountain creek.
  4. Ask a local about their favorite whiskey and drink a glass with them.
  5. Cuddle a lamb. If you can.
  6. Eat a lamb kebab. If you want.
  7. Spend a night in a stone cottage.
  8. Be spontaneous, call a B&B only an hour before you arrive.
  9. Watch the movie Trainspotting.
  10. Touch gorse (Stechginster), a plant with yellow blossoms that grows everywhere.
  11. Listen to traditional live music in a pub.
  12. Ask the barkeeper for advice where to go next.
  13. Visit Bruar Falls and stroll around in the magical fairy woods around.