Running a Remote Data Science Study Group

Earlier this year, a few friends and I have started a remote Data Science study group. Since then, we’ve met once a week to talk about Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python. Our aim is to get better, together. In this article, I want to share how we’ve set up the group and what hasContinue reading “Running a Remote Data Science Study Group”

How to Scrape Amazon for your Data Science Project

If you are interested in anything that is sold nowadays, there is no way around Amazon. For your data science project that requires product data, you may wonder how to access their product data programmatically. Put simply, you have two different options: Speak to the Amazon product API or scrape the website directly. Why theContinue reading “How to Scrape Amazon for your Data Science Project”

Attending a Remote Hackathon

2020 is the year of doing things remotely. It was therefore my home home office and a healthy internet connection that provided the space to participate in the AI for Good hackathon last weekend, organized by Deep Berlin. The task description was broad, but it pointed the teams to work on something related to climateContinue reading “Attending a Remote Hackathon”