Smelly pits from hell

Welcome to Rotorua. Everything smells like sulfur, but boy do these hot pools look amazing.

A bird’s-eye view

There are many ways of experiencing New Zealand’s landscape from above. An affordable and probably the most comfortable option is to take a domestic flight and hope for good weather. That is exactly what we did when we travelled from Wellington to Christchurch and later from Christchurch to Queenstown.

For me, flying always is an experience – but this really was special.

Travelling Downunderer

It’s been 3 great weeks of travelling New Zealand – mainly the South Island – and now I am back in Wellington. Together with Janina and Rolf, who visited me from Germany, I got a nice little campervan that took us around the island for about 1600km after which Janina and I spent an additional week in Queenstown.

Thousands of photos were taken and a lot of stories happened that want to be told. I saw seals, dolphins and a penguin, went for survival training in the wild, visited glaciers and got seasick while fishing for sharks. I travelled on the paths of Frodo and the Fellowship, visited sets for the upcoming Hobbit movie, spent two nights in jail, cooked lobster in a camping cooker and discovered gold in a river. I don’t know how much of that I am actually going to write down, but photos and videos will find their way online in the next few months.

New Zealand really is an amazing country with a beauty that has taken my breath away more than once in the past few weeks. As it happens I will even get to experience more of this because I extend my stay here for a few more months. My new visa has been approved yesterday and I’ll spend the New Zealand summer down here.

Let the adventure continue.

Just a ferry ride away

Getting from the North to the South Island or back always is an experience – at least if you take the ferry. One third of the three hour journey gets you through a beautiful part of landscape – the Marlborough Sounds.

After I had made the mistake of taking a late ferry in pure darkness, I quickly rescheduled the return ticket so I could enjoy the view in daylight. My second trip to the South Island was planned appropriately so I even had the right timing for a nice sunset.

New Zealand, you are beautiful.

Mount Ruapehu

Sometimes I take one of my photos and create a fictional album cover. Sometimes.

Sunday morning

I got up early this morning, grabbed my camera and went to the waterfront to watch and film the sunrise. While my camera was shooting the 593 frames for a timelapse clip, I had time to chat with some people that got up as early as I did. First I met a French engineering student who had a diabolo at his backpack – the first I’ve seen in New Zealand so far. We had a little chat and exchanged experience about travelling in New Zealand.

Just next to me someone was using his camera as well so we started talking. Turns out he is a mechatronics student from Hannover, so almost a neighbor from back home in Germany. His travelling will take him to Australia, Japan and Asia if I recall that correctly. We went to the veggie market together and exchanged our blog details.

Also I’ve taken my first steps in Street Photography. It has always seemed appealing to me and Wellington seems to be the perfect place to do so.

What a great day and it’s not even afternoon yet. Maybe I should get up that early more often.

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