Hey, I’m Flo. I’m from Germany, I’ve studied Computer Science in Hamburg and am currently working in Wellington, New Zealand. Call me a web developer if you want, I guess that’s what I am doing most of the time. On the weekends I love to travel around New Zealand with my beloved camera always in reach. On this blog I’m collecting photos from my life and writing down thoughts on whatever comes to my mind.

If you also want to see the smaller steps I take, feel free to follow me @florianletsch.

My blog has begun as a personal diary which is why most of the old posts are only available in German. If you are just interested in the posts about my time in New Zealand check out fotografdracula.de/nz.

Want to get in contact and talk about New Zealand, the meaning of life or that new xkcd? Flick me a message at flo@fotografdracula.de.