Bucharest 2015

Almost exactly one year ago, I accompanied Marieke to a Humanist conference in Romania. I joined some of the sessions and talks but also had time to explore the capital for myself.

I had read about Bucharest being called the Paris of the East and it did indeed feel that way. Looking through the photos I took back then, it seems like I was fascinated by the decay and shabbiness of parts of the city. The warm weather, and the mixture of 1920s, art deco and Sowjet architecture felt like someone had taken an old version of Paris, placed in East Europe, and then left it at that for a few decades.

I know there are some big German companies located in Romania, because it is a cheap workplace while still being reasonably close to Germany. And even though it looks quite run down, they have very modern infrastructure, most prominently the fastest internet in Europa. It was weird seeing signs of Hornbach, dm, Raiffeisen Bank, and the likes all around.

With a history of communism under an authoritarian leader, a few famous projects have been started in that city. The Palace of Parliament is the heaviest building in the world and used up most of the country’s marble production. Underground is a more or less secret system of catacombs. Construction in the 80s mostly happened with forced labour and about 3000 workers are believed to have died in the process. The building is sometimes compared to the pyramids of Gizeh, and it’s actually very close to having the same size. The things you can do when democracy and human life don’t matter too much, oh well.

Bottom line: Bucharest is warm and has many facets to be discovered. It’s a short and cheap flight away from Berlin. Maybe go there.

Barcelona, twice

I haven’t even written about 2015’s visit to Barcelona and I have already gone again this weekend just passed. Last year the beautiful city was the destination of the annual company trip with the whole team. Enjoy a hip tech conference, enjoy good food and wine, enjoy Barcelona.

This time round, reason for our trip was another conference, but one to give a talk ourselves. We released Pagekit 1.0 last month and were invited to talk to a Joomla crowd about how we’ve built a CMS from a fresh start. Sadly there wasn’t much time for exploration, so that all photos below are from the first trip that happened last year.


Four people, seven days, one car — the road trip we’ve done through Scotland last month was every bit as amazing as one would hope it’d be. Edinburgh, Fort William, the Isle of Skye: It just became more and more beautiful the further up north we went. In many places, I had flashbacks to my time in New Zealand. What a pretty world it is we live in — a world full of experiences waiting for the keen traveler.

Some of the things we’ve experienced, I have listed below. Try some of it if you make to it Scotland yourself. More photos and the detailed route are available on Pablo’s blog.

  1. Eat haggis. Then read what’s in it.
  2. Visit the Isle of Skye.
  3. Drink a sip of water from a mountain creek.
  4. Ask a local about their favorite whiskey and drink a glass with them.
  5. Cuddle a lamb. If you can.
  6. Eat a lamb kebab. If you want.
  7. Spend a night in a stone cottage.
  8. Be spontaneous, call a B&B only an hour before you arrive.
  9. Watch the movie Trainspotting.
  10. Touch gorse (Stechginster), a plant with yellow blossoms that grows everywhere.
  11. Listen to traditional live music in a pub.
  12. Ask the barkeeper for advice where to go next.
  13. Visit Bruar Falls and stroll around in the magical fairy woods around.

Scotland haul

Went to Scotland and came back, my luggage richer with three books and a bottle of whiskey. Also, my camera is now packed to the rim with photos from the Scottish Highlands. A longer post is in the making, with things way more precious than souvenirs.



Konzerte im März


Es gibt diesen einen Song von Maybeshewill, in dem sie Audioschnipsel aus dem Film Rules of Attraction verwenden. Da ich den Film sehr mag, hat der Song mich dazu gebracht, auch andere Sachen von ihnen zu hören. Und als ich vor zwei Wochen ahnungslos in der U-Bahn saß, wies mich das Fahrgastfernsehen darauf hin, dass die Band für ihre Abschiedstour auch ein letztes Mal nach Hamburg kommen würden. Also sind Pablo und ich zusammen ins (“neue”) Molotow gefahren und haben uns das angeschaut. Es war total schön. Schade, dass man die wohl nie wieder sieht.

Ein Foto vom Konzert habe ich nicht, dafür ein paar Links zu Songs.

Public Service Broadcasting

Kennen gelernt durch die Begeisterung von Brady im Hello Internet Podcast. Seit Monaten immer wieder gehört, auch bei jedem Programmier-Wochenende, das wir so zusammen veranstaltet haben. Das Race for Space Album ist eins meiner liebsten aus dem letzten Jahr.


Dank Philipp und Max habe ich vom Konzert erfahren und zusammen mit Pablo sind wir zu viert dort gewesen. Sie spielten sehr viel mehr Instrumente live, als ich erwartet hatte. Es war angenehm klein im Knust und die Stimmung war toll. Wenn sie nochmal nach Hamburg kommen, bekommen wir das hoffentlich wieder mit. Und als Ausgleich für meinen Spotify Konsum, der der Band sicher nichts bringt, habe ich sogar ein hübsches Shirt gekauft.

Das GIF zeigt fast das gleiche wie das von Philipp, aber das macht nichts.


Hold ✕ to loot

Last night, Pablo and Philipp came by to share a bottle of wine with me and disassemble an old scanner and two disc drives of mine. The result of our little scavenge trip: Four DC motors, three stepper motors and two laser diodes. Let’s build robots, ok?



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