Video tutorials on the UIkit front-end framework

Personally, I am a big fan of tutorial videos for technical topics. That is why I’ve decided to give it a go myself. I’m starting with UIkit, the front-end web framework. If this sounds interesting to you, please check out the videos and give me some feedback so I can improve for the future.

Namecheap SSL Zertifikat auf Uberspace einrichten

In einer nächtlichen Aktion habe ich gestern das erste Mal SSL eingerichtet. Hier ein paar Notizen für mich selbst, damit es nächstes Mal schneller geht.

Als Student bekommt man das günstige PositiveSSL Zertifikat von namecheap (ausgestellt von Comodo) umsonst im Github Education Pack. Das ist gültig für eine Domain, inkl. www Subdomain. Für umsonst völlig okay. Installiert wurde beim super Hoster Uberspace.

Zur Vorbereitung einmal das namecheap SSL Zertifikat kaufen oder kostenlos einlösen. Auf Activate klicken. Schon mal Apache + OpenSSL auswählen und dann erstmal auf die Konsole wechseln.

ssh you@youruberspace
mkdir ssl && cd ssl

Schlüsselpaar erstellen. Dabei die gestellten Fragen so gut es geht beantworten, wichtig ist dass der Common Name dein Hostname ist.

openssl req -key -out -new

Ausgabe auf die namecheap Website ins CSR Feld kopieren.


Man bekommt eine zip zugemailt mit den Zertifikaten. Die einmal per scp zu Uberspace hochladen, und auch in das ssl Verzeichnis legen. Weiter geht’s. Erstmal ein Intermediate Zertifikat basteln, dass legt Comodo nämlich nicht dazu.

cat COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt COMODORSAAddTrustCA.crt > intermediate.crt

Jetzt brauchen wir das Zertifikat noch im PEM Format.

openssl x509 -in example_com.crt -out example_com.pem -outform PEM

Alles zusammen vorbereiten und den Output des folgenden Befehls per E-Mail an Uberspace schicken.

uberspace-prepare-certificate -k ~/ssl/ -c example_com.pem -i intermediate.crt

Ein paar Stündchen gewartet und dann hatte ein netter Mitarbeiter das auch schon erledigt. Nächster Schritt ist dann natürlich, https zu erzwingen. Steht aber schon gut im Wiki erklärt.

Wo ich mir das so zusammen gesucht habe:

Mignon Senior Circus

I know, the blog hasn’t been telling much about the fact that I’m actually still taking photos. So in order to change that, I want to share the most recent ones.

Circus Mignon in Hamburg is popular for giving kids of all ages the chance to experience the wonderful world of circus. They’ll learn what it means to practice towards a goal, what it means to fail and how you can work together in a group.

As it turns out, age isn’t actually something that keeps people from wanting to experience the same. Which is why Circus Mignon has opened a new age group for active seniors of 60 and above. I think 60 was the limit but don’t quote me on that.

Just two weeks ago this active group of some twenty odd people filled the chapiteaux of Circus Mignon in Hamburg and performed their show titled “Backstage”. I had the chance to be there as well and to capture some moments of pure energy, joy and – as cliché as it may sound – a celebration of life.

Dynamic DNS with iwantmyname

Just some notes for myself, in case I do that again.

Setting the scene: I have finally ordered a Raspberry Pi for christmas and have been playing around with that for a bit. Some of the services should be accessed from the web. First attempt was using one of the predefined dyndns services online, but this morning I had the idea to try with one of the domains I already own anyway.

My setup

Domains are registered at (my favourite domain registrar with a likeable team from New Zealand). My router is a FritzBox that allows manual entry of dynamic DNS services. Most routers will work just as well.

Router settings

First, login to your router. When using a fritzbox, you need to enable the advanced view. In the German interface, click on “Ansicht: Standard” at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to Internet > Freigaben > Dynamic DNS.


Field Explanation
Update URL<domain>&ip=<ipaddr>
Domainname Your registered domain name
Benutzername The login used for iwantmyname. This should be an email address
Kennwort Your password for iwantmyname.

Depending what services you are running locally, do not forget to enable port forwarding in your router.

Domain settings

I don’t know if API or manual settings have higher preference, but for my domain, I have removed all manual DNS entries in the web interface.


Twenty-Fourteen: A year in lists

It’s getting more and more too-late-ish, so I’m just writing a review of 2014 before 2015 has passed. As I like lists, here are a few lists. And some non-related photos to go along with them – from Hamburg, Dublin, Millstreet, Amsterdam and Ekern in Ammerland.

A year in projects

Small things, large things, side projects, little experiments or landfills for code, I’ve had them all.

In my student job as a developer for YOOtheme, I have enjoyed working on documentation, support and code of Pagekit and UIkit – and representing the projects in conferences in London, Berlin and Cologne, yay!


A year in concerts

Thanks to my girlfriend, I have started going to more concerts than before. And I’ve enjoyed all of them.


A year in conferences

Both as an active and passive participant, I’ve attended a few conferences this year. I had never been to one before, so I’m quite surprised to count 9 events in total. Let’s rank them!

  1. 31C3, the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. Wow! I might need to write more about that, actually.
  2. Fronteers in Amsterdam: Amazing conference we went to with all of YOOtheme
  3. First conference ever, and still one of the bests I’ve been to: UIkonf in Berlin
  4. Great organization with interesting talks and my first unconference: JSunconf in Hamburg
  5. Pyunconf: Well organized, but most talks were just not for me.
  6. PHPunconf: Also well organized, but not the right talks for me.

Outside of these, I went to three other conferences with YOOtheme where we represented Pagekit and UIkit:


A year in books

Thanks to, I’ve finally managed to keep track of my reading goals. In total, 13 books made their way from paper into my brain. Let’s not talk about this for too long, but here are a few highlights.

★★★★★ Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine: Last Chance To See

★★★★☆ Barbara Ellermeier: Hans Scholl

★★★★☆ George R.R. Martin: A Feast for Crows


Past goals?

Oh, right. There was a list of goals about a year ago. Let’s see.

Play music. At the end of the year I will be able to play at least 3 complete songs.

Well. I have been practising the guitar and Ukulele and still do a fair bit of practising. The one song I can pretty much go through without too much of hesitation is Metallica’s Mama Said. Except for that, there’s only riffs and simplified versions of complete songs. Failed.

Create. Have a software project (…) put the first euro into my account.

Done. It’s not even triple figures, but festivalfuchs has resulted in some Amazon promo cash. Let’s just not substract expenses for hosting and Facebook ads. Oh well.

Travel. Visit 3 places I haven’t been to before.

Been to Amsterdam for the fronteers conference & Ireland for the amazing European Juggling Convention. That’s two thirds. Failed.

Read.  (…) at least 12 books.

Done. And exceeded by one. Ha!


New goals!

Get it done. Make stickerabo happen. I’ll make sure 500 people receive a stickerabo package this year. And I want to get the other thing done: Write a Master thesis.

Write …things other than code and my Master thesis. Could be some form of diary, Nanowrimo in November or the editing of stuff I’ve written before. And at least 6 blog posts. This is number one.

Read. 12 books felt really nice. I’ll do that again.

Travel. 3 destinations is a good number. Do that again.

Do Good. 31C3 has inspired me. I want to give something to the community of people fighting for freedom, privacy and free knowledge. Not sure what that will be, but I will find something meaningful.

Electronics. A Raspberry Pi and a little Arduino are sitting on my desk waiting for me. I want to understand more hardware and sysadmin stuff. So my goal is to finish 2 small projects in this area.

Juggle. A lot of new interests are really nice but I regret not sticking to what I’ve always enjoyed: Juggling. To do something, I will create and upload a new Juggling video this year.


Video: Introducing zsh

I’ve been thinking about doing some short videos about web development and coding for a while now. Short clips, 5-10 minutes with varying topics. Would be a great way to keep up with talking more English again and to start communicating about topics I find interesting.

This is a first attempt: A short introduction to zsh, an alternative to using bash.

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