I’m Florian from Hamburg.

I like creating things. As a computer scientist by training, these are mostly digital in nature.

With passion, I spend my workdays as a Senior AI Engineer at Twenty Billion Neurons in Berlin. We use neural networks and other exciting technology to build a fitness product that can do things not possible a few years ago. 

I like working with people and collectively finding out how best to work together. This is possible in my role as a team lead and Scrum Master, where I can learn new things every day, which I am grateful for. 

In a previous career, I worked as a web developer, which has taught me a lot about thinking about the user, and not only the technology.

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Selected Projects

For various other code things, browse my Github.

Publication, Deep Learning

Letsch, F., Jirak, D., & Wermter, S. (2019). Localizing salient body motion in multi-person scenes using convolutional neural networks. Neurocomputing330, 449-464.

Hackathon, Data Science

In April, 2020, I participated in the AI for Good Hackathon, organized remotely. Our team of four analyzed satellite and location data, practiced our Data Science skills and created some visualisations.

My post about the hackathon

Side project, web development

3 friends and I co-founded AlbumUp, a premium service for photographers.

Side project, web development

An online service to showcase which podcasts you are listening to.